Protection of Subjects, Staff, and the Public in Molecular Imaging Research for Brain Disorders
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David Jordan and Julie Neidich
D Jordan with University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University; J Neidich with Washington University School of Medicine in St.~Louis/dd>
The use of molecular imaging in the clinic and in research for brain disorders has become more common over the past decades. As the imaging technology has improved and increased in use, so also has the need grown to protect human subjects, the staff in molecular imaging centers, the institutions administering the procedures, and the public who may be exposed both to subjects of the studies as well as radioactive materials that could be inadvertently released into the environment. This paper describes the techniques used in molecular imaging as well as the methods for protecting individuals and the public.
Molecular imaging, brain disorders, radiation safety, radioactive materials, radiopharmaceuticals, clinical research trials, human subject protections.
Brainiacs Journal 2021 Volume 2 Issue 1 Edoc F65BD44D9
DOI: 10.48085/F65BD44D9
PDP: /Nexus/Brainiacs/Jordan2021MIRBD
received 2021-12-17, published 2021-12-31, revised 2022-01-06, endorsed 2022-02-06
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