Survey, Analysis, and Requirements for Semantic Enhancement to Support Machine Understanding of Scientific Literature
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Adam Craig, Peter Hong, Shreya Choksi, Anousha Athreya, and Carl Taswell
Brain Health Alliance Virtual Institute, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 USA
Adoption of the proposed recommendations with standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) regarding the semantic web remains a work in progress, especially with regard to their use in the published research literature. Proponents of the semantic enhancement of scholarly publishing have described it as a visionary breakthrough for the way in which both individuals and machines should be able to obtain meaningful information from data, text, and content management systems. However, the availability and prevalence of useful real-world resources remains limited. In this report, we present a survey of those scholarly research journals that focus on the semantic web and ontology engineering. We highlight noteworthy examples of publishers offering semantic enhancement and markup services in hopes of shedding light on tools that could revolutionize how both academic scholars and the lay public find and understand the published results of scientific research. We then consider the implications of these findings for the growth and development of the semantic web as a whole. We also review proposals for how the semantic web could accelerate the advancement of brain sciences and brain health. Finally, we propose a novel approach to scholarly publishing represented by our planned semantic enhancement workflow process for the Brainiacs Journal. By surveying the current use of the semantic web, we show the need for more motivated and enthusiastic adoption of semantic enhancement in scholarly publishing in order to 'stand on the shoulders of giants' and reap the benefits of published research.
Semantic web, semantic enhancement, semantic markup, ontology engineering, knowledge engineering, semantic publishing.
Brainiacs Journal 2020 Volume 1 Issue 1 Edoc D11DABE6D
DOI: 10.48085/D11DABE6D
PDP: /Nexus/Brainiacs/Craig2020SARSE
received 2020-12-13, published 2020-12-30
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